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Improving the Quality of Life of Kenyan Households with Off-grid Solar Home Systems

Digital Economy in KRI: a Market Study

Labour Market and Service Skills Assessement in Selected Locations in Sudan

Powering Opportunity – Energising Work, Enterprise and Quality of Life with Off-Grid Solar

COVID-19 Somali High-Frequency Phone Survey

Les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication et l'Education Inclusive

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Monitoring & Learning System of the EU Trust Fund (Migration, Displacement & Stabilisation)

Mapping Rural Markets with Telco Data

Bridging the gender gap: Mobile access and usage in low- and middle-income countries

A Rapid Assessment of Municipalities of Departure of Migrants in Libya

Youth Motivations to Employment and Entrepreneurship

Libya Civil Society Mapping

Learning Lessons from the EU Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF)

Understanding the Mobile Disability Gap

Monitoring & Learning System for the EU Trust Fund for Africa, Sahel region

Creating Mobile Health Solutions for Behaviour Change

Understanding Financial Inclusion in Tunisia

Powering Opportunity in South Asia – From Work to Well-being, the Important Role of Small Scale Solar

Powering Opportunity in West Africa – The Impact of Off-Grid Solar

Powering Opportunity in East Africa – Proving Off-Grid Solar is a Power Tool for Change

Powering Opportunity – The Economic Impact of Off-Grid Solar

Trade Flow Analysis (wheat grain, wheat flour & edible oil)

Mixed Migration Trends in Libya: Changing Dynamics and Protection Challenges

Livelihoods Programming in Rural Refugee Contexts

Developing Guidelines for Cash Transfers in Somalia

Returning from Saudi Arabia

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Reaching 50 Million Women with Mobile: A Practical Guide

Covid-19 Impact on the Remittances in the Republic of Moldova

Pooling Aid Sector Demand for Digital Public Goods

Media and Information Sources of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

The Economic and Social Impact of Conflict on Libyan Women

Kazakhstan & Pakistan: Wheat Flour and Edible Oil Industry Assessment

Mobile Money Ecosystem in Somalia

The Protection of Syrian Children en route to Europe

National Reconciliation in Libya: Baseline Survey