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Digital Economy in KRI: a Market Study

Altai was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and VNG International to conduct this study called “Unlocking the power of the digital economy in KRI: A market study”, as part of the project “Improving resilience of host communities & refugees in Iraq”.
There are two phases for this study. Phase 1, presented in this report, is a market research on the digital economy in order to analyse the market size and its potential growth, potential employment and the digital skills needed by employers. Phase 2, which will start after concluding this report, aims to design curriculum material to teach digital skills at the public vocational training centres based on the findings of phase 1. During both phases, the work is in coordination and with the support of MoLSA.
In order to have a better understanding of the dynamics of the digital economy, the partners agreed to limit this study to four major sectors which could present potential for employment creation:

• Information technology (IT) and digital marketing: companies that develop websites, mobile applications, software and digital marketing campaigns (among others);

• Delivery: delivery and shipping of products and services from the local market or from abroad;

• Retail: shops/supermarkets that have both physical points of sale and online points of sale;

• E-commerce: online platforms that sell a product or a service (with no physical pointof sale).

Digital Economy in KRI: a Market Study
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