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Altai Consulting is a boutique advisory addressing the challenges faced by developing countries

We combine an extensive field presence with a strong development expertise

Programme MEL
Monitoring, Evaluation
& Learning
We support international organisations to monitor results in real time, build on lessons learned and evaluate the impact of large aid & development programmes
Financial inclusion
Telecom & Digital
2.Financial Inclusion_WWD.png
We help private companies and development institutions broaden access to financial services among all categories of targeted populations
Financial Inclusion
Renewable energy
Telecom & Digital
1.Telecom & Digital_WWD.png
We work with mobile network operators, private companies and development institutions willing to develop and scale digital solutions in emerging markets, including in remote or underserved areas
6.Renewable Energy_WWD.png
We support developers, investors, development agencies and governments willing to improve access to energy and support the transition towards clean energy
Solar panel.png
Renewable Energy
boat new.png
Migration & Forced Displacement
We support international organisations through the analysis of migration flows, the assessment of protection needs and  reintegration opportunities and with the coordination of responses to crises with local governments and civil society organisations
8.Environment & Climate Change_WWD.png
We help corporate and international organisations meet environmental and climate change challenges
Agriculture & Responsible Sourcing
4.Agriculture & Responsible Sourcing_WWD.png
We support stakeholders investing in local value chains to foster the development of sustainable and resilient agriculture
Economic Growth
13.Economic Growth & Labour Markets_WWD.png
We support the emergence of a sustainable private sector in emerging markets and in fragile countries through the identification of job and business creation opportunities, the analysis of obstacles to growth and the design of support programmes
Economic Growth
& Labour Markets
Civil society
Media & Civil Society
We map out civil society organisations and local media, analyse audiences, content and social media dynamics to accompany the design of support programmes to independent media and civil society organisations
9.Health & Nutrition_WWD.png
We work with private companies and development institutions that are committed to ensuring safe and equitable access to quality health and nutrition for all
Health & Nutrition
Public service
book 2.png
Public Services Delivery
12.Public Service Delivery_WWD.png
We support the assessment of population needs, map out existing structure, measure quality and availability of services and advise international donors in future programming for a better health, education and other basic services
Consumer goods
7.Consumer Goods & Retail_WWD.png
We assist retail and consumer goods companies eager to grow in sustainable and profitable ways in emerging markets
Inclusive growth
retail 2.png
Consumer Goods & Retail
3.Inclusive Growth_WWD.png
We assist private companies, industries and development organisations in designing strategies targeting underserved groups
jolies assiettes 2.png
Inclusive Growth
10.Governance & Stabilisation_WWD.png
We analyse local governance and power systems, measure population perceptions, and support the design of governance and stabilisation programmes in the most fragile regions in Africa and the Middle East
joker 2.png
Peace, Security & Stability
We provide industrial companies and investors with market data and strategic recommendations to assist with their growth and investment strategies
Data Masae
spirale 2.png
16.Data Analytics & Visualisation_WWD.png
We design winning strategies based on data science applied to complex environments
Data Analytics
& Visualisation
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