Altai Consulting team

Inclusive Growth & CSR

Altai Consulting has designed, pilot-tested and evaluated numerous inclusive growth and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in Africa, the Middle East, and Central & South Asia. Our teams are helping global and regional players to develop innovative solutions to better target hard-to-reach populations and associate them to boost local economic growth

Recent projects

Support to the joint Unilever and DFID TRANSFORM programme

Impact assessment of the joint Unilever and DFID 5-year programme TRANSFORM that aims to support research and early stage innovation on behaviour change and business models that deliver market based solutions for household needs in developing countries. To date, projects supported by TRANSFORM include research and innovative business models to address affordable sanitation, safe drinking water and low cost, clean energy and safe cooking.

Resource Growth corridor strategy, Private Sector Development Strategy Mining and Oil & Gas Industry

Altai has been contracted by the World Bank to analyse the procurement plans of large Mining and Oil & Gas investments in Afghanistan (Aynak and Amu Darya) and to design a strategy to build capacity among the local private sector, in particular SMEs, to seize these massive upcoming opportunities.

Initiative to boost Mobile Penetration & Usage in rural Chad through Improved Access to Electricity in Central Africa

Altai has designed and pilot-tested business models to boost mobile penetration & usage in rural areas through improved access to electricity and SME development. The goal of the project was to find a “win win” solution whereas rural individuals benefit from affordable energy to charge their handsets and are incentivized to reinvest part of the amount saved in airtime. The solar panels are powered by sustainable village-level SMEs supported at launch phase with seed money from the mobile operator.

Benchmarking of Inclusive Marketing Initiatives led by FMCG Companies, Social Enterprises and NGOs in Africa and South Asia

Altai has benchmarked inclusive marketing initiatives led by FMCG companies, social enterprises and NGOs with experience in targeting women and hard-to-reach clients in low and middle-income countries. Lessons drawn informed the development of a marketing handbook, which was presented to global players in emerging markets.

Advisory on the development of the award-winning Almas Line targeting Underserved/Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Women

Altai has advised Asiacell, the largest mobile operator in Iraq in developing the Almas Line to increase penetration and usage of mobile among underserved/bottom of the pyramid women. The initiative was rewarded at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s premier industry event.

Study to Promote Inclusions in Regional and Secondary Markets 

Altai Consulting has been commissioned a market assessment of 12 markets by a major international donor with a view to formulate potential interventions with programming that targets local agricultural value chains, agricultural development and inclusion of women and youth. The research covered regional and secondary markets in Northern Bahr al Ghazal, Western Bahr al Ghazal and Warrap States.