Data Analytics & Big Data

Thanks to its partnership with sister company Masae Analytics (see: Altai Consulting is at the forefront of data analytics and big data in emerging markets and supports a wide array of public and private sector actors in unleashing the potential of their data. Our teams leverage billions of call data record (CDRs), location-based data and transactional data to understand the dynamics of various sectors and topics such as financial services, mobile telephony, infrastructure, utilities, agriculture, etc..

Recent projects

Data analytics to support Mobile For Development (M4D) Organizations in Africa and South Asia

Altai Consulting is conducting data analytics to support M4D organizations operating in different sectors such as agriculture, utilities, transport, community mobilization, etc. providing them with recommendations to improve their reach and efficiency, and circumvent barriers to scale.

Mapping of flows of Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Based on the analysis of billions of transactional data, Altai Consulting has managed to map the flows of financial services for a client wishing to optimize the deployment of its mobile money agents, conducting very granular dynamic geo-marketing, identifying and sizing catchment areas and conducting customer segmentation based on the usage of mobile financial services. Data has been complemented by quantitative and qualitative field research to best contextualize findings and provide actionable recommendation to the client.

Data Analytics on usage of Financial Services in Tanzania and Uganda

For the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Altai teams are engaged into a data analytics effort to map the usage of financial services in Tanzania and in Uganda, segment the market and understand the barriers and levers to better access of these services for the population.

Mapping of Roaming Dynamics and International Phone Usage in the Middle East

For a leading mobile telephony operator, Altai Consulting has leveraged billions of call data record (CDRs) and location-based data to identify the patterns of roaming dynamics and international phone usage and made recommendation to increase usage among this target group.

Micro-segmentation and recommendations for Network Deployments

Altai teams have supported a mobile operator in micro-segmenting its user base analyzing billions of usage and network data. The assignment covered a full set of topics ranging from geo-marketing, churn, identification of ghost users, social network analysis, and network deployment by crossing data usage, smartphone penetration with 3G deployment.