Consumer Goods, Retail and Manufacturing

Altai Consulting operates in markets, be it in Africa or in the Middle East, benefiting from the development of a growing urban middle class of consumers, targeting sectors such as agri-business, manufacturing, retail & distribution and consumer goods. Altai Consulting supports local and international players better understand the needs of this emerging consumer base and design expansion strategies through partnerships, acquisition, etc.

Recent projects

Design a Distribution Strategy for a leading international Consumer Goods Brand in East Africa

Altai Consulting was commissioned by a leading international consumer goods brand to design a new distribution strategy to enhance its market penetration in East Africa. The strategy consisted in further structuring and controlling local operations which were largely managed by (informal) individual traders by establishing new distribution partnerships. Altai’s work helped develop a better understanding of consumer needs and trade structure by analyzing ways of doing business and related pricing value chains.

Development of a Strategy and Business Plans for a Mall and a Retail Chain

Altai Consulting has supported a large investor considering entering the commercial property (malls) market and launching a retail chain in RDC. The analysis included an assessment of the potential of the retail sector in Kinshasa from a demand perspective as well as a review of current actors and collection of insights on future entrants. Altai formulated recommendations by providing detailed opportunities (format, positioning) and business cases for retail outlet(s), a mall and a movie theatre.

Market-entry strategy for one of the largest players in the construction materials sector in a Western Africa country

Altai Consulting accompanied a large construction-sector company in designing a market-entry strategy for retail in a West-African country. In an extremely fragmented and informal market, Altai led a quantitative study to better understand purchasing behaviours and expectations of end-users across a wide array of products to define priority customer segments. Qualitative research was also conducted to test different retail concepts on potential customers to assess the ability to meet their needs and the attractiveness of these models over traditional distribution channels.

Mapping of the Retail Sector in Côte d’Ivoire

Altai Consulting has supported a regional investor considering entering the commercial property (malls) market and launching a retail chain in West and in Central Africa. The assignment consisted in collecting detailed information on the sector’s dynamics, identifying the largest and most successful players in Côte d’Ivoire, mapping the value chains and formulating a strategy substantiated by business plans.

Market Due Diligence on the Housing Construction Sector for a Clay Product Manufacturer

Altai Consulting has been commissioned by financial investors to conduct a market due diligence on the construction sector needs in Iraq. This due diligence aimed at mapping local production capacities of clay construction materials and competing products, and at sizing the demand based on housing and reconstruction needs. The analysis was used to build different scenarios for market growth over the short and medium term, building on potential organic growth factors and evolution of the security and political situation in Iraq. This market due diligence was used to refine the project’s business plan and inform financial partners’ investment decision.

Identification of Investment Opportunities in the Hospitality Sector

Altai Consulting supported a leading player in the hospitality sector, specialized in providing catering and hotel services for industry companies in remote sites around the world, to identify potential investment opportunities in the secured international airport zone of the Capital City of Somalia, Mogadishu. Altai conducted a detailed mapping of the current offer as well as a quantitative and qualitative assessment of hospitality service needs with a view to identify potential investment opportunities and possible market positioning based on its client’s value-adding service proposition.


Market-entry Strategy in the Commercial Property Sector in the Horn of Africa

Altai Consulting has been contracted by a large US-based investor wishing to enter the commercial property market in the Horn of Africa in a context of increasing US and international civil and military presence in the country. The job consisted in conducting a supply-demand analysis looking at the forecasted demand for office space and shopping areas for the next 5 to 10 years based on in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and investors regionally. The deliverables allowed to define a clear strategy, leveraging the massive opportunities ahead in the region while designing mitigation mechanisms to take into account political instability and potential over-supply due to development projects going on or planned in the near future.

Wheat Flour and Edible Oil Industry Assessments

GAIN has commissioned Altai Consulting to conduct a market study on wheat (flour) and edible oil. The study focuses on Afghanistan, the main beneficiary of the Fortification Program, as well as Kazakhstan and Pakistan, the main producers and exporters of wheat (flour) and edible oil to Afghanistan. The objective of this research is to provide recommendations and develop an action plan to support GAIN’s effort to improve access to fortified flour in Afghanistan while offering local companies in Pakistan and Kazakhstan opportunities to improve their market positioning by offering higher value-added products through fortification.

Market-entry for a global Retail Chain in Kenya

Altai has supported a global retail chain considering entering the Kenyan market. The assignment included a market sizing by catchment areas, in-depth consumer understanding, geo-marketing, etc. in order to identify areas in Nairobi that should be considered as priorities. Altai Consulting formulated detailed recommendations on location(s) where first store openings should be considered based on a granular market sizing at the household level.

Milk and Cream Market Analysis in North Africa

Altai Consulting conducted market research for a leading player in the dairy sector in North Africa to design successful penetration and expansion strategies on these markets. The work followed a holistic approach covering various aspects such as marketing, promotion, distribution, and competition analysis.

Market-entry Strategy for a US-based Cosmetic Player in the Middle East

Altai Consulting has conducted a market-entry assignment to prepare the ground for a US-based cosmetic player. The engagement implied thorough field research with interviews of consumers, retailers, wholesalers and importers all along the value chain to assess the size of the market and identify where the opportunities lie. The scope also implied an assessment of distribution channels to best grasp the opportunity.

Market Analysis Energy Drinks

For a leading international brand, Altai Consulting has conducted a full review of the energy drinks market in Afghanistan conducting extensive field research and analysis with a view to assess the market share of the various players and estimate the potential for growth in this challenging, yet sizeable market.

Analysis of the Cotton Manufacturing sector

Pakistan is the second largest exporter of cotton in the world. For a leading European finance institution, Altai Consulting has conducted a comprehensive review of the cotton manufacturing sector in Pakistan with a view to assess its current status and prospects over time. The work included field research in Pakistan among different actors in the value chain to identify their positioning and quantify the value they capture, as well as deep diving into the overall market dynamics of the sector. The outputs of the project consisted of a set of recommendations substantiated by quantitative analyses and market scenarios based on a set of hypotheses.