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We provide real time monitoring, evaluation and learning services to Migration & Mobility programmes in 22 African countries encompassing over 400 projects


The EU Trust Fund for Africa, a €5b Trust Fund created to support safer migration, mobility and stabilisation in Africa has commissioned Altai to develop several monitoring, evaluation and learning tools to support the monitoring of the trust fund projects, the analysis of the key thematic areas covered by the Trust Fund and the design of its next programming phase. 


The Monitoring & Learning System (MLS) is a meta-monitoring platform which gathers result indicators from over 400 projects in 20 countries in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel – Lake Chad regions and provides quarterly updates on the performance of the Trust Fund projects. The updates consist of regular reports and an online dashboard that allow EU delegation and implementing partners to visualise the evolution of the project portfolio across countries, in light of the contextual analyses and through the evolution of the mobility, security and socio-economic context. 


In parallel a third-party monitoring mission was designed to further analyse a portfolio of 80 projects funded by the EUTF in Libya and the implementation of the Joint Initiative in the Sahel region, with interviews of over 5,000 returning migrants performed in 12 countries.

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