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We have assessed the impact of more than 250 innovative clean energy business models in Africa and Asia

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Altai Consulting has recently conducted a broad impact and performance evaluation of an open trust fund backed by multiple DFIs which provide early-stage grant and catalytic financing to innovative clean energy projects, technologies and business models in 15 countries across Southern and East Africa.

The evaluation followed OECD-DAC criteria with a focus on providing answers to key evaluation questions set by the fund, including collecting impact data from end-users to verify assumptions behind its Theory of Change (ToC). The approach for this evaluation combined secondary research, key informant interviews with sector stakeholders and grantees and quantitative primary data collection in Uganda (mini-grid), Zambia (clean cooking) and Zimbabwe (solar home systems). Additionally, qualitative interviews were conducted with grantees and end-users to write Stories of Change that provided concrete examples of impact. The results of the evaluation provided an overview of the fund's overall impact and performance and included actionable recommendations for the fund manager and team.

More generally, Altai Consulting developed an in-depth knowledge of the off-grid energy industry by conducting multiple impact assessments for industry bodies and foundations, as well as strategic assignments for market players and investors.

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