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We conduct research with and on vulnerable groups to understand their needs and foster inclusion

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Altai has delivered numerous research projects with and on people with disability. For the GSMA Understanding the mobile disability gap” study, Altai conducted quantitative research with 2,000+ people with disability in Kenya and Bangladesh, as well as over 80 qualitative in-depth interviews. 


Altai has supported Handicap International, a major international NGO working with people with disability, to identify Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that could support inclusive education for children with disabilities in francophone Africa. The full report is available here.


Altai has authored the first gender gap research for the GSMA Connected Women team, designing the methodology and model to assess the gender gap in mobile phone ownership and usage in low- and middle-income countries. The full report is available here.

Altai has delivered several  studies for CFI, the French media development agency, under the EU Qudra project, to help understand the needs of Syrian refugees and host communities across the Middle East in terms of access to information, equipment, media usage and preferences. Altai has also measured the impact of communication campaigns conducted under these programmes. One of these studies is available online.

Over the past years, Altai was the main partner of Sesame Workshop helping test episodes of its children TV shows, working with minority groups (in Myanmar, Kenya and Somalia) and with displaced refugees, host children and their caregivers (in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq). Altai’s findings and recommendations helped Sesame Workshop to continuously adapt its contents in terms of relevance to local needs and cultural contexts.

A documentary is available here.

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