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We deliver strategic advisory to more than 30 digital and telecom players in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia


Since its creation in 2003, Altai Consulting has worked very closely with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) through multiple strategic and tactical projects such as a Mobile Money potential assessment, customer base segmentation, pricing (through conjoint analysis), 4G strategy, market evolution modelling, media strategy assessment, distribution enhancement, improvements of product design, brand perception, etc.

Our expertise on telecom markets in emerging markets has logically led us to work on digital services and digital transformation assignments. Examples of projects for public institutions include the assessment of Digital Financial Services (DFS) potential in Iraq or the mapping of government and major employers’ payment streams in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the World Bank. Examples for private players include the identification of potential digital farming solutions to launch or acquire in emerging markets for a global fertilizer company or the design of frugal recommendations to leverage digital transformation in Africa for a major tyre manufacturer.

This rich experience can be illustrated by the work we have done with the GSMA Mobile for Development team on a wide range of topics such as the assessment of mHeath and mAgri services, the mobile gender gap, the digital inclusion gap for people with disability, digital identity, trends in digital humanitarian action and the drivers of affordability of internet-enabled handsets.

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