Telecom, Media & Technology

Altai Consulting is a recognized authority on Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT) in emerging markets having advised operators (mobile & fixed), ISPs, television channels, regulators and governments across more than 30 countries. Altai Consulting’s expertise centers around operational and marketing issues helping our clients make the most out of the technological changes reshaping those industries and markets.

Recent projects

Segment Identification and Geo-marketing Tools for a Satellite Communications Company in eight Sub-Saharan Africa Countries

In a context of rapid 4G deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa, grasping the potential of increasing data consumption and of a more sophisticated demand in poorly covered areas requires a tailor-made approach for satellite operators. Altai Consulting was contracted by a satellite communications company to provide segment identification and to develop geo-marketing tools to allow for multi-criteria target detection. Altai Consulting combined field research as well as data analytics from sister company Masae Analytics to produce granular analyses and embed the results in action-oriented tools enabling the client to directly identify and access target customers.

Strategic Advisory for Mobile Network Operators in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia

Altai Consulting is supporting mobile network operators in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia in the development of winning strategies. Our engagements cover a wide array of topics such as market sizing and positioning, product development, road-to-market and distribution strategies, assessment of customer experience (with a focus on customer journey), performance of portfolio, pricing and business planning. Our approach combines a mix of in-depth immersion in the markets we cover to capture local knowledge and insights, data analytics and formulation of actionable recommendations to our clients.

Market Segmentation for Mobile Network Operators in Africa and in the Middle East and South Asia

Altai Consulting conducts market segmentations of the telecom sector all over Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Our methodologies combine usage-based information as well as socio-demographics in order to build the most meaningful market segments. The work consists of reaching out to large cohorts of interviewees in the targeted countries to grasp the realities on the ground. Then, robust analytics are performed using a framework relying on four successive steps: variable categorisation, algorithm calibration (via two-step clustering), segment Interpretation and decision-tree design. The outcome are the definitions of meaningful, homogenous and actionable market segments along with marketing and product strategies to best capture value for the clients.

Data Analytics & Big Data Endeavours for Mobile Network Operators in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia

Altai Consulting is at the forefront of data analytics and big data in emerging markets supporting a wide array of clients ranging from mobile telephony operators to non-profit organizations such as the GSMA. Our teams leverage billions of call data record (CDRs), location-based data and transactional data to analyse the dynamics of issues such as the use of financial services, movement of populations, wealth, usage and habits in mobile telephony at a very granular level.  Recent work in Africa, in the Middle East and in South Asia includes among other, recommendations on how to deploy effective mobile money agents networks, how to boost financial inclusion, how to increase phone and internet penetration in rural areas, etc.

Mapping of the Future Internet Industry in Ghana for a Pan-African digital operator

Africa stands out as a promising market for Internet. The sharp increase in demand observed over the past few years is expected to continue (mobile broadband connections will increase from 24% of the population in 2015 to 57% in 2020) and is driven by several robust “macro-trends” such as demographic dynamism, robust economic growth, improved level of education and more affordable devices. If demand is increasing, it has been also the case for supply leading to drastic price reductions. Africa has experienced major upgrades to its broadband infrastructure, with new sub-marine cables bringing down the cost of international connectivity. In this challenging context, Altai Consulting has been contracted to conduct extensive fieldwork among SMEs and large corporations in Ghana to understand the supply and demand for Internet services and establish scenarios for the industry. The deliverables have been a strategic workshop with the top management of the operator to assess the medium and long term strategy on these markets in terms of organic growth and potential acquisitions.

Conjoint Analysis for Mobile Operators in several Middle Eastern countries

In the context of decline in MTR (Mobile Termination Rates) and the need to come up with improved price positioning by market segment, Altai Consulting has supported mobile operators in several Middle Eastern countries to redefine their pricing strategy based on hard data and market scenarios. The work consisted in testing the impact of proposed portfolios on the market leveraging an adhoc market simulator to decide on the specifics of the offering to launch based on i) share of preference (a proxy for the market share), ii) ability to meet strategic objectives, iii) revenue generation and iv) gross margin maximization. The projects have allowed the clients to best leverage market opportunities ahead of competition.

Mobile Gender Gap Study in 12 Low and Middle income Countries Worldwide

Altai Consulting has been appointed by the GSMA to conduct a study on the “mobile gender gap”. The study is a refresh of the GSMA’s 2010 report “Women & Mobile: A Global Opportunity” that was launched by Hillary Clinton. This new study examines the ‘gender gap’ in mobile phone ownership and usage in low and middle income countries, and looks at the barriers and opportunities for mobile operators and other stakeholders of closing this gap. The report was published at Mobile World Congress in March 2015. Our approach includes primary research in 12 countries worldwide, mobile operator data to enrich the analysis, and interviews with experts from different stakeholder groups such as industry, academics, thought leaders and the development community.

Formulation of Road-to-Market strategies for “Value Added Services” (VAS) and identification of Potential Partnerships in Kenya for a global telecom operator

For one of the world’s largest telecom operators, Altai Consulting has conducted a prospective study in Kenya to define future product offering and come up with associated road-to-market strategies with a view to establish partnerships between the operator and players from other sectors on “value added services” (VAS). The opportunities covered ranged from B2C services as well as B2B and B2B2C services in sectors such as health, education, ICT and agriculture. The deliverables of the project have been strategic recommendations to the client substantiated by product and services roadmaps targeting Sub-Saharan African countries.

Feasibility study for a mHub project in Central Asia for the World Bank / infoDev

Altai Consulting has conducted a feasibility study for the World Bank / InfoDev with a view to foster the development of a mobile applications sector in Afghanistan. The assignment included a full review of the sector ecosystem and an assessment of the potential and needs of the main actors, with a deep dive on tech’ businesses and mobile applications. The work lead to the formulation of a set of recommendations and business plans on the way forward to create a mobile applications incubator looking at different models. Altai’s work has been published by the World Bank.