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Kamran Parwana


Kamran Parwana heads Altai Consulting’s activities in North Africa and the Sahel leading a team of dedicated researchers working across the regions.

Kamran has produced numerous studies that have resulted in substantive policy change and strong program design, including extensive work on private sector growth in the agriculture, health, construction and media sectors among others, in South and Central Asia and in North Africa. Leading research and evaluation related to local governance, stabilisation and public service delivery, Kamran has provided key insights on the landscape and dynamics of programming central to the priorities of donor and government actors.

Kamran has been responsible for designing and carrying out large-scale monitoring, evaluation and learning programs intended to provide not only rigorous oversight and evaluation of activities, but to carefully incorporate insights from M&E activities into ongoing programmes. Functionally, these activities have involved extensive fieldwork, including in some cases hundreds of fieldworkers and tens of thousands of visits; mapping and visualisation intended to link activities to tangible results; qualitative analysis of program reach, impact, and perception; and strategic assessment and planning to allow implementing partners to better understand roadblocks and enabling factors within their own organisation and processes.

Prior to joining the team in North Africa, Kamran led Altai’s office in Afghanistan, conducting research and evaluation in some of the least permissive areas of the country. Kamran’s work in Kabul focused on governance and public service delivery, economic development, media, migration, and infrastructure, resulting in improved policy and stronger development programming.

Kamran Parwana
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