Environment & Climate Change

We provide strategic support to actors developing innovative solutions for improved access to clean energy and water, or willing to limit the environmental impact of their activities. Our teams also evaluate the impact of specific projects and of large-scale Green Finance initiatives in the developing world.

Development of a Plastic Recycling Strategy for a Leading Dairy Manufacturer in Côte d’Ivoire

A major European player in the dairy sector, who was developing production capacities in West Africa, commissioned Altai Consulting to help them build a strategy to ensure recycling of plastic waste generated through their sales. Altai conducted a mapping of the value chain of plastic recycling in the country, from the emissions of plastic waste to the transformation of recycled materials into new products, and provided the client with recommendations and contacts of potential partners to implement the newly adopted plastic recycling strategy.

Performance and Impact Evaluation of One of the Largest Clean Energy Financing Facilities in Africa

Altai Consulting ran the evaluation of one of the largest Clean Energy Financing Facilities in Africa. The evaluation covered all technologies funded by the facility such as hydro, solar (SHS, mini grid, and grid-tied), wind, biofuel, biomass, clean cooking, etc. in 15 countries. The ambitions of the work were to assess the facility performance following OECD-DAC criteria with a strong focus on impact and on providing robust data to challenge the Theory of Change’s underlying assumptions.

Electrical and Electronic Waste Recycling Strategy Definition in Kenya and in Cameroon – Total Energies and GIZ  

Altai Consulting has been commissioned by Total Energies and its partner, GIZ, to provide some insights to help Total Energies and GIZ define a strategy to manage responsible end-of-life solar lamps and prevent potential health and environment risks. A comprehensive study was conducted in Kenya in order to help design a comprehensive recycling strategy, building on existing capacities and taking into account specific local, regulatory, legal, technical, economic, financial, environmental, social and cultural factors. The analysis was based on extensive primary and secondary research including fieldwork conducted in Kenya interviewing sector stakeholders (collectors, transporters, dismantlers, repairmen, processing (recycling) facilities, solar lamp end users and other key informants). In Cameroon, the study focused on a desk-based analysis of potential opportunities and risks of establishing a recycling system in the current legal and regulatory context.

Market Due Diligence for a Mini-grid Project in Africa

Altai Consulting has been hired to conduct a market due diligence assessment for a mini-grid project in Africa. The study focused on identifying sites to assess and challenge the hypotheses behind the implementer’s business model.

Solar Home System Impact Research in Kenya  – The Shell Foundation

Altai Consulting was commissioned by the Shell Foundation to conduct an impact assessment assignment of solar home systems in Kenya with a key focus on reaching low-income customers and understanding usage and financial behaviours. The research included a quantitative study reaching 1,000 customers of a PAYGo solar home system provider and key informant interviews with stakeholders in the Kenyan off-grid solar environment.