Altai Consulting leverages a core team of multidisciplinary experts supported by local staff and networks in the countries where we operate

  • Rodolphe Baudeau - Lead Partner

    Rodolphe Baudeau is a founder and lead partner of Altai Consulting. He oversees Altai’s large telecom, media, FMCG and industrial development projects in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Rodolphe also works with multilateral and bilateral agencies as well as governments on strategic planning, program design, and private sector development.

    Rodolphe has worked on engagements covering more than 30 different economic sectors in more than 20 countries, allowing him to develop a thorough understanding of the dynamics of emerging markets.

    Prior to launching Altai Consulting, Rodolphe was a Marketing Manager at the L'Oréal Consumer Goods Division in Paris (France), in charge of eight international brands, and a brand manager for LVMH Group in Sydney (Australia).

    Rodolphe holds an MBA from ESSEC-Paris, one of the leading business schools in Europe.

  • Emmanuel de Dinechin - Lead Partner

    Emmanuel is a founder and lead partner of Altai Consulting. His main area of expertise is strategic advisory in emerging markets with a focus on telecom and media, utilities, FMCG, retail and financial services. Emmanuel serves a wide range of clients in Africa and in the Middle East, ranging from global players and industry leaders to smaller local actors.

    Prior to launching Altai, Emmanuel was a strategy consultant for Monitor Group, a US-based consulting firm. There he worked extensively with private businesses and public organizations. He developed strategic marketing plans for the European operations of a US-based telecom company and for the French branch of Europe’s leading brewer. He also advised the municipality of Port Elizabeth, the fifth largest in South Africa, on its socio-economic strategy.

    Emmanuel holds an MBA from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), the leading European School of Management, with a Major in Economics. Emmanuel is a Professor of International Affairs at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris), France’s leading school of international relations.

  • Geraldine Baudienville - Director

    Geraldine Baudienville specialises in international business development, leading large strategy consulting assignments in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

    Her main areas of expertise are strategic advisory and project financing in emerging markets, accompanying clients willing to enter new markets or to strengthen or expand their existing activities. She has recently led projects for large utility companies (energy, transport) and corporates in a variety of sectors (consumer goods, construction, etc.). 

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Geraldine worked as an investment manager at Agence Française de Développement/Proparco on project and corporate financing in Asia and Africa. She used to be a Research Fellow at the British think tank Overseas Development Institute. 

    Geraldine holds an MBA from ESSEC-Paris, one of the leading business schools in Europe. 


  • Philibert de Mercey - Project Director

    Philibert de Mercey is a social research specialist with ten years of professional experience in strategy consulting and research.

    Philibert’s core area of expertise is Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and data management projects.

    Philibert has managed large M&E projects including the evaluation of the facilitating partners of the National Solidarity Program (NSP) in Afghanistan for the World Bank, and the evaluation of USAID-OTI’s Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative (ASI).

    Philibert has developed innovative methodologies and geo-localized tools to capture information and produce solid analytics in frontier countries, and has created several databases and wiki-like search engines to gather program-related information for agencies and governments.

    Philibert has also being involved in several poverty eradication programs and was the team leader of the research project “Moving Out of Poverty” conducted by Altai Consulting for the World Bank in Afghanistan, analyzing the dynamics of poverty in rural and urban areas of the country.

    Philibert is a Professor in the Master of International Relations program at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris).

    He holds an MA in Political Sciences from Sorbonne University.

  • Adrian Carriere - Project Director

    Adrian Carriere is a Project Director at Altai Consulting and Country Representative in Libya.

    Over the past three years with Altai, he has directed or supported research and consulting assignments for a broad range of clients including the World Bank, USAID, DFID, UN agencies, international NGOs, and foreign governments. Although his primary focus has been on socio-economic research, he has also worked on monitoring and evaluation, fiscal sustainability and budgeting, and capacity building.

    Before joining Altai, Adrian worked on programme design and implementation for a French medical NGO and supported research on the effects of conflict on education in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador for the World Bank. He has more than six years of experience working on development in fragile or conflict-affected countries.

    Adrian holds an MA in International Affairs from the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris), with specializations in Security and Development.

  • Fabien Dany - Project Director

    Fabien Dany is a Project Director at Altai Consulting. His primary focus is public sector and private sector development.

    Fabien is managing research and consulting projects for Altai Consulting in Central Asia in the areas of private sector development, capacity building and workforce development in industries such as mining, oil and gas, and construction.

    Fabien has more than ten years of experience in management consulting and was previously senior consultant at ATOS and Sopra Group providing strategic and operational Information Systems advisory services to managers in French ministries.

    Most recently, Fabien has been a competitive intelligence consultant, managing market research projects and conducting supply chain management projects in the Middle East and in Central Asia for European companies. 

    Fabien holds an MBA from Rouen Business School with specializations in Strategy and Information Systems Management, as well as a MA in Geopolitics from Paris 8 University. He speaks fluent Farsi/Dari. 

  • Matthew Burnard - Project Manager

    Matthew Burnard is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. His main areas of focus are government and public sector reform, economic development in fragile states, and public finance.

    Matthew previously worked as a management consultant for PwC in the United Arab Emirates, advising Middle Eastern governments on a range of strategic and policy issues. These included designing a new system of levies and quotas for hiring foreign workers, and advising on the setting up of a national schools inspectorate. Before that he worked for Control Risks, where he carried out a socioeconomic impact study of a major infrastructure project in Algeria, led the pre-acquisition political, security and operational risk assessment of a gold mine in Mauritania, and advised international companies on doing business in South Sudan following independence. He began his career as a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

    Matthew holds a BA in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from Cambridge University and an MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Thouron Scholar. He speaks Arabic.

  • Alice Bodreau - Project Manager

    Alice Bodreau’s main areas of expertise are Marketing and Brand strategy.

    Alice currently leads strategy consulting efforts for mobile network operators in emerging markets in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

    Most recently, Alice has worked on a market-entry strategy for an international mobile operator in three East African countries.

    Alice is managing projects in more than ten countries where Altai Consulting operates, combining consumer research, market assessments and data analytics to provide advisory services to CEOs and CMOs.

    Prior to joining Altai, Alice worked for several communication agencies. She was a strategic planner at the New York office of SelectNY, a German communication agency. There, she participated in the design of communication strategies for several clients as well as in the brand repositioning of major international clients.

    Alice holds an MBA from EDHEC-Lille business school in France.

  • Kamran Parwana - Project Manager

    Kamran Parwana’s main areas of expertise are Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), private sector development and capacity building.

    Kamran has managed several large-scale data collection and analysis efforts for development and stabilization programs in the least permissive districts of Afghanistan, mapping the dynamics of priority areas to the central government of Afghanistan and to the international community. Kamran has also been involved in several market sector assessments of complex economic sectors including construction and agriculture with a view to improve the programming of on-going and future private sector development endeavors.

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Kamran worked primarily in the education and development sectors, teaching at universities in both the United States and Afghanistan, and has participated in innovative online teaching programs.

    Kamran holds an MA in Political Science from Northeastern University with a focus on International Relations, and a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Albany. 

  • Augustin de Choulot - Project Manager

    Augustin de Choulot is a project manager at Altai Consulting. His main areas of expertise are data analytics and consumer understanding.

    Augustin has been working on major projects for Altai Consulting in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia for telecom operators, combining field research and data analytics to produce analyses and strategy recommendations.

    Prior to joining Altai, Augustin was a consultant in telecommunication and media at Paris-based Greenwich Consulting, where he worked on numerous due diligence projects related to Africa. He also conducted several implementation projects in emerging markets including in Chad where he designed and implemented a low-cost solution to optimize energy consumption of a large hospital in N’Djaména.

    Augustin holds an MSc in Engineering and Telecommunication from Supelec, one of the leading French Engineering schools, and a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris).

  • Jain Holsheimer – Project Manager

    Jain has lived in Afghanistan since 2009 working on several sub-national governance projects, including a World Bank funded in-depth assessment of critical constraints to public service delivery in links with the Ministries of Public Health and Education.

    Jain holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in Afghanistan’s post-conflict development and state building process, and holds a Bachelor of Science in socio-economic research from the University of Tilburg.

  • Tahar Benattia - Project Manager

    Tahar Benattia is Project Manager at the Altai Tripoli Office in Libya. His main areas of focus are public affairs, civil society, capacity building and private sector development. Tahar has managed numerous projects in the MENA region including in the past 3 years in post-revolutionary Libya. Tahar has been one of the key contributors to the needs assessment that Altai conducted as part of the Libyan Private Sector Development Institutions (LPSDI) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). In addition, Tahar was part of the team on Altai’s migration mapping work for UNHCR in Eastern Africa, with extensive fieldwork in Libya, Sudan and Niger.

    Prior to working for Altai, Tahar worked in Chad on an evaluation of the Telecom sector for the Government of Chad, where he developed a strong interest in African and Middle Eastern socio-economic affairs.

    Tahar holds an MSc in Management from Grenoble Business School and is a fluent English, French, Arabic and Spanish speaker.

  • Camille Le Coz - Project Manager

    Camille Le Coz is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting.

    Through her work with Internews, USAID, AUSAID and AFD, Camille has also developed a strong background in monitoring and evaluation (M&E). She has led several projects related to Afghan media, in particular the M&E of a three-year program to support Afghan journalists during the coming electoral process.

    In addition, Camille participated in various studies, in particular an economic impact assessment for information communication and technology in Afghanistan. She also conducted formative research about food for education, and she is now working on a large-scale evaluation of the French Development Agency’s agricultural portfolio.

    Prior to joining Altai, Camille worked for another firm based in Kabul where she contributed to a USAID/OTI communication program in Ghazni province. She previously worked in Morocco, Egypt and the West Bank, in the education sector.

    Camille holds a double Master degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics. 

  • Romain Guirand - Project Manager

    Romain Guirand is a Project Manager based in Altai Consulting’s Iraqi office inSuleimaniyah. His main areas of expertise are corporate strategy and project finance.

    Prior to joining Altai, Romain worked for three multinational companies:  Areva, L’Oréal and SociétéGénérale bank. With the latter, he spent four years working as a Risk Analyst, monitoring corporate finance activities in Eastern Europe and Asia. Romain holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Sciences Po in Paris, with a Major in International Business.

  • Muhammed Bek - Consultant

    Muhammed Bek’s main areas of expertise are marketing and strategic planning. Muhammed has worked on more than 15 projects in the telecommunication, FMCGs and retail industries in Iraq. Those included developing strategies for clients to help them respond quickly and efficiently to market changes.

    and improve business processes.

    Muhammed holds a bachelor degree from the American University of Iraq – Suleimaniyah,majoring in Business and Administration and has a minor degree in IT.

  • Eric Davin - Lead Partner

    Eric Davin is a founder and lead partner of Altai Consulting, heading Altai’s Public Policy practice.

    Eric has worked on a large number of strategic assignments to support aid and development programs funded by major donors such as the World Bank, USAID, DFID, UK FCO, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM and other organizations in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

    With more than 10 years of experience in post-conflict countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza, Yemen, Libya and the Horn of Africa, Eric has designed a wide array of innovative methodologies to collect and analyze information in the most challenging environments. As such, Eric has led the evaluation effort of several $500m+ programs leading to improved delivery and programming.

    Eric has prior experience in strategy consulting and new media advisory in Australia, USA and France, and holds an MBA from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), the leading European School of Management, with a Major in Entrepreneurship.

  • Guillaume de Chorivit - Director

    Guillaume de Chorivit oversees large strategy consulting assignments in the areas of telecoms and media, FMCG and retail.

    Guillaume manages projects in Asia, the Middle-East and Africa for a wide range of international clients. His main area of expertise is strategic advisory, marketing and consumer research in emerging markets.

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Guillaume was a strategy consultant at Advention Business Partners, a strategy consultancy, where he dealt extensively with large private ventures and private equity funds, and developed entry-strategy plans and conducted strategic due diligences.

    Guillaume worked in Pakistan as the CFO of ACTED, one of the largest European NGOs, and as an analyst for Messier Partners, a French M&A boutique.

    He graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris), and holds an MSc in Business from Paris Dauphine University. 

  • Matthieu Dillais - Project Director

    Matthieu Dillais is a Project Director and oversees Altai's activities in the Horn of Africa and Kenya. Matthieu has worked with Altai for the past three years in Afghanistan, Libya, East DRC and Burundi, and in Somalia and Kenya since 2013. He has led projects for the World Bank, USAID, DFID and a wide variety of public, non-governmental and private clients. His work focuses on the linkages between governance, economic growth and community development in conflict-affected settings. Matthieu also managed a series of research on the development of media and directed large cross-sectorial monitoring and evaluation projects in high-risk areas of Afghanistan and Somalia. Prior to joining Altai, Matthieu assessed the impacts of various waste management systems and renewable energies in India and Europe. In parallel, he contributed to set up an association that connects international law firms with NGOs worldwide to support their advocacy programs. Matthieu holds an MA in Political Science with a specialization in Sustainable Development and Risks from the French Institute of Political Science ‘Sciences Po Paris) and an MA in Sociology and Philosophy from the Sorbonne University (Paris).

  • Arezo Malakooti - Project Director

    Arezo Malakooti is a Senior Consultant at Altai Consulting. She specializes in rule of law and governance and social research for policy in Australia, East Timor, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

    Over the past nine years, Arezo has led numerous social research projects in the areas of minorities, sub national governance, women’s rights and civic participation, and media for development and democratization for donors and international organizations that led to programmatic recommendations. Recently, Arezo has trained and managed teams of local researchers in sensitive areas of Afghanistan to conduct ethnographic studies on the impact of the media on opinions and behavior and social behaviors and attitudes in communities of returnees.

     She has also coordinated program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) projects as well as large scale assessments of the civil society sector around Afghanistan, and coordinated the implementation of access to justice and rule of law projects, with a focus on civil society, vulnerable groups, and human rights.

    Arezo is an Australian trained lawyer and holds a BA in Business (economics). She speaks fluent Dari/Farsi.

  • Antoine Fine - Business Venture Manager

    Antoine has a 9-year experience in private equity and business development.

    He first joined Lazard in 2003, one of the world's preeminent financial advisory and asset management firms, as part of the midcaps private equity team and was promoted Investment Director in 2006. He worked on 15 deals in a variety of situations (LBO, majority & minority stakes, mezzanine & bonds financing, mergers, expansion capital, debt refinancing) and monitored two companies up to exit. Antoine then founded Financière Avanti in 2010, an investment & business development structure and managed four different projects in various sectors (FMCG, sports & leisure and Internet) before joining Altai in 2012.

    Antoine holds an MBA from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), the leading European School of Management.

  • Daniel Skillings - Project Director

    Daniel is a Project Director and the East Africa Regional Representative for Altai Consulting. He has led or been a major contributor to public policy projects in Afghanistan and South Sudan for more than three years. Through his work with various US Government Departments and the World Bank, Daniel has developed a strong expertise in program design and implementation, capacity building initiatives, and economic impact and private sector development assessments. Notably, Daniel led a team of consultants in the design and delivery of building the statistics service at the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, and is currently leading a similar program in South Sudan at the Ministry of Education.

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Daniel was the Program Coordinator for the EastWest Institute’s Preventive Diplomacy Initiatives at the Brussels Centre. Projects included strengthening EU-DPRK relations, analysing Sino-DPRK relations, global preventive action policy analysis, and advancing preventive action in ASEAN.

    Daniel holds a MA in International Relations (Distinction) from the University of Kent, Canterbury and China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing where he specialized in the political and security dynamics in East Asia, and also a BCom in International Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Victoria.  

  • Maxime de Lisle - Project Manager

    Maxime de Lisle’s main areas of expertise are marketing and corporate strategy.

    Maxime is currently managing Altai’s Iraq office in Sulaimaniyah, from where he is involved on a wide array of projects in the area of mobile telephony, FMCG and retail. Maxime has contributed to the delivery of more than 25 strategy consulting and research projects in Iraq, thus developing a thorough understanding of the dynamics of this fast-moving market.

    Prior to joining Altai, Maxime was working as an internal auditor for the US-based FMCG company Kraft Foods, and was an officer in the French Navy.

    Maxime holds an MSc in Business from Paris Dauphine University, with a major in Finance. He holds a Master’s degree in Strategy and Management from ESSEC Business School, one of France’s leading business schools.

  • Antoine Huss - Project Manager

    Antoine Huss is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. His main areas of expertise is governance, public sector management, migration, and human security, with a focus on post-conflict and fragile environments, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Mali and South Sudan.

    Antoine has more than ten years of experience working in policy advisory and project management positions for government, multilateral organizations, and civil society. He has notably implemented development projects and capacity building initiatives for CIDA, USAID, IOM and UNICEF. Most recently, Antoine held the position of senior advisor to the Afghan minister of agriculture, providing strategic advice and technical assistance on the development of national priority programs and institutional reforms.

    Antoine holds a Master in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, with a specialization in conflict management, and a Bachelor in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Strasbourg.

  • Henri van den Idsert - Project Manager

    Henri van den Idsert is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. His main areas of expertise are M&E, capacity building and research. Based in Kenya, Henri supports a range of public policy and corporate research projects in Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan.

    Prior to joining Altai, Henri worked with NGOs in South Sudan, and also worked with UNDP and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Henri holds an MA in Advanced Development Studies from the Radboud University and an MA in Economic Development from the University of Amsterdam.

  • Guleid Hassan Dirrir - Project Manager

    Guleid Hassan Dirrir is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. His main focus is M&E and socio-economic research in the Horn of Africa.

    Over the past seven years working in Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, Guleid has designed advanced M&E protocols and managed large socio-economic projects. Recently he supported a large-scale field-based mapping effort on migration flows from Eastern Africa to North Africa, and participated to a research engagement on community-strengthening programs in Somaliland and in Somalia.

    Before working with Altai Consulting, Guleid was an M&E team leader across Somaliland, Puntland and South-Central Somalia for national and international NGOs, including the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and CARE international as an external consultant. During his time with DRC, he supervised major assessments for a wide variety of humanitarian and development programs. He has also developed an extensive network of experienced professional researchers that reaches out to each areas of the Somali area.

    Guleid has a background in business administration and speaks fluent Somali and Amharic.

  • Naji Abou-Khalil - Project Manager

    Naji Abou-Khalil is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. Naji specialises in security sector reform and governance projects in Arab countries, with a particular focus on Libya. Over the last year, Naji has been involved in a number of research projects for the international actors operating in Libya. Through this he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the political and security landscape in Libya.

    Prior to joining Altai, Naji worked as a corporate security analyst in charge of the MENA region at Total’s Security Department in Paris, where he had developed an expertise in security and political risk analysis, political economy of armed groups and crisis management procedures. Naji Holds a masters in International Security from Sciences Po, and an MA in International Law from Lille II University. Naji speaks fluent English, French and Arabic.


  • Clara Tardy - Project Manager

    Clara Tardy is a Project Manager at Altai Consulting. Clara specialises in governance and media issues in the Middle East and North Africa. Based in Libya, she has an in-depth knowledge of the country’s media sector and its political landscape and has managed several media and communication studies for diverse range of clients.

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Clara has worked as a Middle East specialist notably with the United States Congress, the French Prime Minister’s Office for National Defense and Security and The Elders’ Foundation, a group of independent world leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela. Clara holds a B.A. from the Sciences Po Paris, and a dual master degree in International Security from the London School of Economist (LSE) and Sciences Po Paris. Clara speaks French, English, Arabic and Spanish.

  • Yonas Fall - Project Manager

    Yonas is a Project Manager and the South Sudan Country Representative for Altai Consulting. He has been a major contributor to public policy projects, market entry strategies and consumer studies in the Middle East, West Africa and Afghanistan. Through his assignments with Altai Consulting, he has developed solid expertise on project design and implementation, labour market assessments and capacity building programs. He is currently one of the key contributors to a capacity building and support program at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of South Sudan (EMIS).

    Prior to joining Altai Consulting, Yonas was a financial analyst at Aureos Capital, the largest private equity fund dedicated to SMEs in emerging markets (now acquired by the Dubai-based fund Abraaj Capital). Based in Dakar, Senegal, he participated in the valuation and execution of investments in SMEs in West Africa, notably in the health sector. He also worked for Crédit Agricole CIB, where he assisted in the setting up of investment funds with a strong social impact in developing countries, dealing with the investment bank’s largest corporate clients.

    Yonas holds an MSc in Management from HEC Paris and a BA in Philosophy from Sorbonne University (Paris). He speaks fluent French, English, Italian and Amharic. 

  • Hubert Montfort - Project Manager

    Hubert Montfort is a Project Manager based in Altai Consulting’s Iraqi office in Suleimaniyah. His main areas of expertise are management consulting and marketing in the sectors of telecoms, media, FMCG and retail.

    Prior to joining Altai, Hubert worked in strategy consulting in France for utility companies (energy, transport) and conducted market research studies for agricultural development in West Africa.

    Hubert holds an MSc in Geography from EcoleNormaleSupérieure LSH, one of France’s leading institutions in the humanities and a Master Degree in International Business from HEC Paris, currently Europe’s leading business school.

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