Mixed Migration: Libya at the Crossroads


Altai Consulting was commissioned by UNHCR to update maps of mixed migration flows across Africa and migration dynamics to and through Libya. Fieldwork was conducted in Libya, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Niger, Sudan, Italy and Malta in one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted on the topic. The interviews looked at migration patterns and routes of travel, access to information, networks, smuggling dynamics, as well as legal frameworks, support structures and protection needs. It also explored the factors that cause some to stay and settle in Libya and the factors that cause some to make onward journey to Europe by boat and attempted to quantify the inflows, outflows and number of migrants in Libya by bringing together all available date on the topic. The research had a particular focus on vulnerable groups, including youth, women and unaccompanied minors. Parts of the research were carried out in detention centres, in refugee camps and with smugglers.

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