EMIS Support Programme


Altai Consulting was commissioned by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to support the South Sudanese Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (MoEST) operate their Education Management Information System (EMIS). Established in 2006, EMIS is a governmental programme housed within the MoEST, under the Directorate for Planning and Budgeting’s Data and Statistics Unit, which facilitates information-driven policy discussions and decision-making by collecting, processing, analysing, storing and disseminating education statistical information. The Unit is primarily responsible for conducting the national Annual Education Census of all educational establishments in the country. EMIS had been running for several years when Altai took over with the goal of rethinking the approach and research methodology to focus on South Sudanese ownership, sustainability, and decentralization as well as introducing new technology. Find all data and reports at: http://www.southsudanemis.org/.

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